After School Club – Weekend School

As Summit Education Society, we are a huge family with our administrators, teachers, students and parents. Our main goal here is to provide support both with their lessons and instil fundamental moral and human values of our students in a collective education system in the most reasonable way. We, as the Summit Education Society, try to bring up our students as esteemed individuals in the society and as persons who contribute to the society in which they live, both in terms of technical and moral values.


As of now, our students are the children of people who are mostly in financial need, especially children of those who came to the United Kingdom in recent years including refugees and asylum seekers. Besides, we see ourselves responsible for serving the needs of all children living in the United Kingdom and promoting harmony.


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We want to emphasise that all our teachers have years of teaching experience with different ethnic backgrounds in different countries and continents. They are all professional teachers in their field of specialisation. We would like to particularly express that our teachers have pedagogy education as well.


We have about eighty students, and currently our classes are all online. Our group of students are at Year-1, Year-2, Year-3, Year-4, Year-5, Year-6, and Year-7. We also provide voluntary maths and computer lessons, along with ESOL lessons for Year-8, Year-9 and Year-10 students.

At School


The lessons we teach to our students differ according to the classes, but in general, with our twenty-five teachers, we teach our students Holy Quran, Turkish Language, History, Moral values lessons, and other activities.


We teach our students 6 or 7 hours a week following the primary and secondary curriculum in England. In addition, we give one-to-one lessons to students in need through Zoom. We hold monthly online meetings with all our parents. We also hold regular monthly evaluation meetings with all our teachers. We organize in-class competitions and give gifts to the students who rank high in the competitions. We give certificates to our students at the end of the semester.

In addition, we organize competitions such as film contest, book reading contest, poetry contest, presentation contest with our teachers every semester break. Thus, we make every effort to help our students make good use of their free time.


We hold activities with parents of our students at regular intervals, like bike riding, having picnics, having breakfast together, and playing football.