We organize university guidance programs, human values education, and personal development programs for our male and female young people in Manchester in cooperation with Mentor Wise and Summit Education Society. The aim of these programs is to contribute to the values of our students, to enable them to integrate fast in the UK, to motivate them in their life and learning, and to support them in their secondary, college and higher education placements. Accordingly, we organize online zoom programs, various seminars, weekly meetings, and competitions for our students.
The age range of our students is Key Stage 3, Key stage 4, college and university students.

Math Tutoring

Our students are usually divided into 4 groups according to their ages. A volunteer mentors each group. Currently, we have 17 students in total. Before the pandemic, we had weekly meetings and fun activities with our students at our Culture Centre but currently, we are holding weekly programs on online platforms.

Activities we perform

1-) Reading contests

Our students have participated in the "Herkes Onu Okuyor" contest organised by Mentor Wise throughout England. One of our students took the first place in the higher education category and got their award. We will continue to carry out other award-winning book reading contests similar to the ones we have carried out until now.

2-) Career fair series

Our students attend various online career seminars organised by Mentor Wise. The purpose of these seminars is to assist our students in choosing a career. Some of these seminars are: Law & Humanities, Linguistics, and Islamic Studies. These seminars are held on Sundays every week.

3-) University association

Our various seminars on preparing personal statements for KS4 and College students have been fulfilled, and we also have special consultancy services for individual questions about university placements and selection.

Outdoor Basketball Game
4-) Family information seminars

We have had various seminars for parents of our students to understand the educational system in the UK. We have had GCSE and A-level guidance seminars to inform and enlighten parents about how to educate and support their children better.

5-) Outdoor activities

Before the pandemic, we regularly organised football games for our young people. We carried out some outdoor activities like going to the Trafford Centre to play Laser Tag, which was really enjoying for students. We have organised picnics with our students in various parks and introduced them to some of the natural beauties around. They found opportunities to explore and play a variety of games.

6-) Reading camps

We organize award-winning book reading camps during our students' long breaks (half term). In these camps, they read books, have conversations, find time to talk about their whereabouts and perform various activities. Kahoot contests are always exciting for all. Due to the pandemic, these camps have now been moved online. At the end of each program, students achieving the highest receive various awards, but the activities themselves are already very rewarding for all the participants.