Adults gather on certain days of the week to make conversations (sohbet). Approximately 70 male friends from different regions of Bury, Rochdale, Bolton and Manchester attend the conversations on different days and at different times. Sohbet (conversation) is a Turkish word derived from Arabic (suhba, meaning to be friends) and means 'to talk, chat, discuss and relate to each other in a friendly, compassionate, warm and informal way'. For us, conversation means chatting with each other in the form of a religious community or a working group on big questions such as God, purpose of life, existence, belief, religion and society. Our conversations or circles consist of five to ten participants with one facilitator. The facilitator usually gathers the group once a week in a two-hour session where a brief text (usually an excerpt from the Koran or a religious commentary) is followed by a detailed discussion by the facilitator and discussed by the group. The purpose of circles is to ask and answer questions, revitalize belief through discussions and to provide a safe space to criticize, think, and discuss.

Likewise, women come together online on certain days of the week. They share their experiences, make conversations and meet some of their social needs.