Supporting Ukrain with a Goodwill Visit 🙌

A delegation from Summit Education Society has paid a visit to Ukrainian Culture Centre in Manchester on Saturday. They conveyed the good wishes and prayers of Turkish Community and their support for peace in Ukraine.

In a speech to the public gathering from Ukrainians, our volunteers expressed their message briefly as follows:

"It is time to say our word. Our visit is to express our strong support for the true couse of Ukrainian struggle against all injustices. We are against war. We cannot keep quite. Silence means to support the oppression. That is why we are here today. We wholeheartedly pray for the peace and safety of all innocent people in the country."

Our volunteers presented a bouquet of flowers to the Manager of the Ukrainian School in Cheetham Hill, Manchester. Madam Maria has also expressed that states were far behind the expectations to cease the war. She appreciated the efforts of the people on public level and called all for a support in their "go fund me" campaign.